Self-Drive New Zealand Holidays

If you are looking for clear open roads and incredible views then a self-drive holiday in New Zealand is guaranteed to exceed all expectations.  Just a three hour drive can offer awe-inspiring scenery and dramatically changing landscapes.

The size of New Zealand makes travelling by car, or campervan, a very viable option.  The country is slightly bigger than the UK but with a smaller population, which ensures less traffic and a more stress-free experience.  It has an excellent road network and a myriad of beautiful coastal and in-land routes to enjoy.  

The advantages of a self-drive holiday are many.  They offer a greater flexibility to come and go as you please, with greater privacy, and the chance to explore all the country’s best sights in your own time.

The majority of our itineraries involve self-drive elements, although not all.  We can book whatever size or model of vehicle you require with detailed instructions on where to go for collection and drop offs.   Our itineraries include driving instructions and maps to help you get from place to place, and we also give an idea of how long a journey should take.  Our broad knowledge of New Zealand enables us to recommend some beautiful stop offs at wonderful beaches, swimming holes, waterfalls or for bush walks, that might otherwise go missed.  As for pit stops, we know some great places for fresh seafood or snacks that are well worth travelling an extra mile or two to savour.

Whilst the freedom of the road is there to be enjoyed, we really do recommend mixing it up a bit! Taking your foot off the pedal and going by train will allow the opportunity to soak in some of New Zealand’s stunning scenery with a drink in hand.  The Coastal Pacific, TranzAlpine and Northern Explorer routes will bring you breathtakingly close to the Pacific coast, and offer thrilling views of gorges, farmland, mountains and volcanic landscapes respectively.  Stop offs are worth taking - especially in townships like Kaikoura, where there are opportunities to go whale watching and to swim with dolphins and seals.  There’s no need to worry about transfers to and from train stations.  We have built strong, personal relationships with our partners in New Zealand and can happily organise pick-ups and drop-offs to the hotels we use, and also to day trip venues.

New Zealand’s incredible scenery and good road network make it the perfect place to take a self-drive holiday.  Whether you want to travel entirely by car, or go by train, plane, bus, bike or kayak we will take the time to listen to you and ensure you get the very best from your trip.

Driving through Auckland's gorgeous Muriwai Beach

Driving through Auckland's gorgeous Muriwai Beach

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