Kaikoura is renowned for whale watching and is one of the few places in the world that these magnificent creatures can be seen year round.

Other wildlife experiences include swimming with dusky dolphins, one of the most acrobatic dolphins, and can form spectacular groups of several hundred animals.

There are over 79 species of whale and dolphin in the world today and 34 of these species have been sighted in New Zealand waters with over half of these in the waters off Kaikoura. The most common whales on the coast are the sperm whales, but in addition there are frequent sightings of other types of whales including humpback, minke and orca, which pass through the area at regular intervals.

For something different you could try walking into the sea off the rocks near Kaikoura and having a roll in the kelp with New Zealand fur seals - this is arguably even more fun than swimming with dolphins!

Though best known for whales and dolphins, another wildlife experience in Kaikoura is a pelagic birds tour. Kaikoura is home to up to 12 species of albatross, as well as numerous other pelagic birds such as penguins, gannets and petrels, which can all be seen in close proximity.

New Zealand fur seal

New Zealand fur seal

Sperm whale diving off the Kaikoura coast

Sperm whale diving off the Kaikoura coast

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