Wairaurahiri Jet Boat


Wairaurahiri Jet Boats will take you out onto the Wairaurahiri River and Lake Hauroko for an exciting adventure into the heart of Fiordland National Park.

The Wairaurahiri River is 34km of rugged grade three rapids that drop from Lake Hauroko, New Zealand’s deepest lake, all the way to the ocean. It is an exciting and absorbing experience and a unique way of exploring the magnificent and remote wilderness of Fiordland.

The jet boat was invented by New Zealander C.W.F. (Bill) Hamilton in 1954 and is propelled not by propellers but by a jet of water blown through a nozzle at high speed. Jet boats are ideally suited for operation in shallow water as there are no parts under the boat and the directional jets make them highly manoeuvrable. The Wairaurahiri Jet is a custom built Alloy Mackraft with twin Lexus V8 Hamilton jet boat units.

This all-day experience is less like other thrill-seeking white-knuckle jet boat experiences as it is more about using the jet boat to access otherwise inaccessible areas. It includes guided nature walks and a kiwi style BBQ which slow the pace down slightly in between the jet propelled blasts along the river, allowing you to experience and appreciate Fiordland's wilderness at its most wild.

Johan Groters, the W-Jet driver, has thousands of hours of jet boating experience and combined with guide Joyce Kolk, their thorough and intimate knowledge of the Wairaurahiri Region shines through.

Conservation is of huge importance to Joyce and Johan and they will regularly stop as you travel along the river to check and reset their stoat traps. The introduced stoat has inflicted terrible damage upon New Zealand’s native bird species and Joyce and Johan are doing what they can to protect the wildlife in their corner of the country.

Read more about Joyce and Johan's stoat trapping efforts on the Wairaurahiri River.


Steaming along the river...

Steaming along the river...

...through the Wairaurahiri region

...through the Wairaurahiri region

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