Farewell Spit Safari

Stretching out into Cook Strait at the far north west point of the Embedded_map_Golden_Bay__Abel_Tasman.jpgSouth Island is Farewell Spit, the longest sand spit in New Zealand. Farewell Spit Tours will introduce you to this dramatic and ever changing landscape of shifting sands and pounding surf populated by varied wildlife and with a fascinating human history.

Farewell Spit Tours began back in 1946 when the family of the current manager, Paddy Gillooly, started a transport service to take fuel, food and school lessons to the lighthouse keepers and their families out at Farewell Spit Lighthouse.

Soon after this, tourists who were keen to explore this unique and protected ecosystem asked to be taken along for the ride and now Farewell Spit Tours are one of very few operators who are licensed to operate their purpose built 4WD vehicles in this wildlife sanctuary.

The expert commentary from experienced local guides will introduce you to the numerous wading birds, seabirds, marine mammals and rare plants that live on and around the spit which is a protected nature reserve. Your guide will take you to sand dunes that will make you feel that you are in the depths of the Sahara and then to the lighthouse itself.

As you stand out of the wind in the calm oasis of trees planted by the first lighthouse keepers, you are sure to feel in awe of these early pioneers who, with no shelter or protection from the elements, came here to protect ships and sailors navigating this dangerous coastline.

And your trip will make a real difference to conservation - we arrange tours along Farewell Spit on a 'not for profit' basis with our commission being donated to protecting threatened native wildlife by controlling introduced pests such as stoats, rats and possums. For every couple who visit Farewell Spit, Paddy Gillooly of Farewell Spit Safaris will make, place and maintain one new predator trap.

The vast scale of Farewell Spit - the bus is in the distance

The vast scale of Farewell Spit - the bus is in the distance

The stoat traps in production

The stoat traps in production

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