A wonderful trip


Hi Sally,

Just wanted to thank you for arranging a wonderful trip! The country and it's people are amazing. Your arrangements, suggestions, and little notes about each place and drive were indispensable. I'm glad you gave us all those days in Queenstown....we parasailed, bungyed, skydived, hiked, rode bikes, stood in line at Fergberger, and did pretty much everything the kids wanted to do. The overnight accommodations were all very comfortable.....appreciated the laundry services at places since we traveled pretty light.

The weather cooperated for the most part - hiked down Tongariro in the rain (made it more epic), and had 2 rainy days in Mt. Cook. That was the only place where we felt a little lost with rain leaving few options, but we enjoyed the Hillary Center movie hall and watched numerous documentaries to while away time.

Deepti had a few scary moments during the Wanaka Wildwire outing. It was frankly more than I had imagined. My son summed it up when he said that "NZ standards for fitness are clearly higher than American standards!" That activity was the favorite part of the trip for me personally. So much adrenaline for your money unlike bungy jumping and skydiving which are over in a flash.

The food was pretty amazing. Never had lamb, beef, and fish that tasted better! My daughter decided to turn vegetarian a few days in to the trip when she realized the source of the rabbit I was eating for lunch! It was fun changing all her meals on the flights back home!

I feel I need another vacation now to recover. Thank you for all your suggestions and super promptness. Will be recommending your outfit to all our jealous friends........most of them are already asking to copy our itinerary.

Deepti, Vikram, Divik & Divya