What a strange and unsettling few weeks we’ve all had.  Every day we seem to wake to news of more challenges and uncertainty.  This is an incredibly difficult time for everyone, not least those who work within the wonderful industry of travel, and we wanted to share a message of solidarity to our clients, colleagues, suppliers and friends.


    It is impossible to know how the next few weeks or months will pan out.  We would like to thank our partners in New Zealand for the wonderful job they are doing, as ever, in looking after our clients on the ground.  The feedback we are getting is that New Zealand continues to inspire, amaze and delight despite COVID-19.  It’s good to hear that the Kiwi hospitality and sense of humour runs as strong as ever.

    We are looking forward to things getting back to some sense of normality so we can continue to share our knowledge and passion for New Zealand, and to pick up those plans that have had to be put on hold.  In the meantime we’ve been trying to think of something positive we can do during this time, however small, and are planning on posting regular pictures of our favourite New Zealand spots to keep us all going.  Do message us your requests or share yours with us too. 

    We wish you good health and wellbeing and would like to thank everyone who has been in touch with us with messages of support.

    Best wishes from the NZID team